Latin America

A growing new world

Mota-Engil has been present in Latin America since 1998, having started up its operations in the region in Peru, over the last 17 years making a growing investment in the development of its technical skills.

Believing in the potential of Latin America, the Group fostered the expansion of its presence in the region, towards markets such as Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia, executing key construction projects in various Engineering and Construction technical areas, also having in its portfolio highway concessions in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia in a network of more than 800 km.

In Mexico Mota-Engil is developing infrastructure projects of significant scale in different technical fields such as construction of highways, the Guadalajara underground, hospitals, and other buildings. In Brazil, through ECB, based in Belo Horizonte, we are expanding operations in areas of road and railway infrastructures, having started recently operation in the Environment segment.

With a very significant growth in recent years, the Group has an Order Book close to 2.000 million euros in the areas of Engineering and Construction, also having investment underway or being assessed in the areas of Environment, Logistics, Energy, and new Road Concessions.

As with Peru, and with the recent launch of their Santiago branch, the Group now plans to expand its construction and engineering capabilities to Chile, which they anticipate will be especially tailored to the mining, energy, port and logistics activities of the region.

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América Latina



1.984 M€

Millions of Euros | Order book 2014

537 M€

Millions of Euros | Turn over 2014

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Millions of Euros | EBITDA 2014